YP Mentorship Program

What makes you work

What are your motivations and how do you present yourself to current and future employers? The Young Professionals Mentorship Program (YPM) aims at helping you reflect on your professional development and set ambitious and actionable goals for your career. In collaboration with INDIVIDUALS ApS, DCCC offers a one year mentorship program for Young Professionals in Shanghai.


What you get

YPM consists of personal counselling sessions and ongoing mentoring sessions with your professional mentor. The interplay between these sessions is pivotal for getting the maximum out of each. This way, we ensure ongoing follow-up and actionable goals between sessions. YPM also consists of combined work-shops and networking events with other mentors and mentees.


With YPM you get:

  • A personal mentor occupying a leading position in a major company.
  • 3-6 mentoring sessions during the year.
  • A Personality Profile delivered by DCCC’s partner, INDIVIDUALS.
  • 3 counselling sessions with consultants from INDIVIDUALS.


Time frame

March-April 2017
Kick-off workshop: Setting the course for the program, participant presentations, group work and discussion of expectations
First round of counselling sessions with consultants from INDIVIDUALS

May 2017
Mentor sessions

August-September 2017
Mid-term workshop with all YPM participants: Are you gaining enough from your mentor program? Status, evaluation and new action points
Second round of counselling sessions

October 2017

Mentor sessions

November-December 2018
Final workshop with all YPM participants

Third round of counselling sessions

January 2018

Mentor sessions

March 2018

Round-off: Plans for 2018


Reflected and determined individuals

DCCC’s YPM partner INDIVIDUALS have worked with over 500 young professionals and their employers across three countries. They have exhaustive experience with advising young professionals on their career paths and professional development – making them both more reflected and determined on where they want to go in life. That experience will be utilized through workshops and the YPM counselling sessions.

“A mentorship is a unique opportunity to put yourself ahead and develop professionally – with a professional on the sideline. That is a definite advantage in today’s job market. “

Kjeld Stærk, President of Danfoss China


“I have really gained from articulating and discussing with others where I want to go and what drives me professionally. You never really know these things before you hear yourself say them… “

Natasha la Cour, corporate communications at Novo Nordisk and member of young professionals career network in Copenhagen


“Having a mentor is a gateway to knowledge and years of professional experience that you can’t get from a textbook. But as a mentee you should also be prepared to give back and challenge yourself. A really successful mentorship works both ways, and that requires you to reflect on what you want to gain from it”

Alexander Petersen, Managing Director at eGISS China Ltd.


“Work shouldn’t be holding you back – quite the opposite. And often you think that is just the name of the game, but if you actually approach your employer with your concerns and development goals, things start to happen”

Martin Stavnsbjerg, Investment Banking Analylist at Credit Suisse and member of young professionals career network in London



The full price for the mentorship program is 7,500.000 DKK excl. VAT.

To learn more about YMP, please contact:

Johan Hillers – CEO & Partner, INDIVIDUALS